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Angus Hellier BSc (Hons) Ost

Coronavirus update:

The clinic will be open from Monday 18 May, afternoons - please call 01371 875217 to book an appointment, online booking is NOT currently available



Shoulder and Arm: 


With shoulder pain, we start by identifying what movements reproduce your symptoms, and this will also confirm that it is in fact shoulder pain and not referred pain: from the cervical spine or pain that is from a visceral origin, liver, heart, for instance.  A shoulder that has full range of movement without pain is our objective. If you are suffering from shoulder instability or SLAP injuries (an injury to an intrinsic structure of the shoulder joint), we can identify and refer you to an appropriate surgical specialist for the stabilisation of these structures before you start meticulous rehabilitation of the joint.


Arm pain again occurs for a myriad of reasons so an accurate diagnosis of the tissues and structures involved will set you on the quickest route to resolution and healing.  Therefore a consultation with a knowledgeable, effective and experienced osteopath is a good place to start.

What symptoms can we treat?


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