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The clinic will be open from Monday 18 May, afternoons - please call 01371 875217 to book an appointment, online booking is NOT currently available

Neck Pain and Headaches: 


Many people suffer with neck pain and headaches; the reasons for this are multiple. The neck and head pain that osteopaths can help you with is the pain generated by the joints and musculoskeletal tissues of the neck.  Head position at rest can be a major cause of neck pain and headache;  advice on position of the head and number of pillows you use when sleeping can remedy a lot of neck pain.


Bruxism, grinding your teeth at night, generates tension in the muscle of mastication that can cause the neck and head to become restricted, sore and painful. Tension in the anterior throat as a result of stress, emotional upset or trauma can also contribute to chronic, on-going head and neck pain. In most cases, the conditions can be easily treated and relieved, through straightforward hands-on techniques and a some advice on palliative exercises for the neck.


Trauma or whiplash is more complex due to the forces often being more violent. This can damage intrinsic tissues of the cervical spine such as the discs in between the vertebrae of the neck. Careful and appropriate rehabilitation, leading to a remodelling of the tissues, is possible in the vast majority of cases. In the acute phase of the injury, medication is compelling, but do not be misled just because it stops hurting; this does not mean that the tissue is restored to full health. The purpose of medication is to break the pain reflex cycle to give the body a chance to bring to bear its full physiological reserve on the healing process, so that full restoration to health can occur. Pharmaceuticals in the long-term generate compromise to healthy physiology which is not ideal for the patient: rebound pain, bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract. The full restoration of health requires some management, and the correct environment to achieve this is one that provides good nutrition, oxygenation of tissues and, possibly more importantly, proper drainage and removal of metabolites from tissue. To achieve this at an intra-cellular level, an optimum relationship of anatomy should exist.  This is where osteopathy can help you.



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