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Great Dunmow Osteopathy Clinic 

Angus Hellier BSc (Hons) Ost

Coronavirus update:

The clinic will be open from Monday 18 May, afternoons - please call 01371 875217 to book an appointment, online booking is NOT currently available

Hip and Legs: 


Is it intrinsic hip pain, or referred pain from the lumbar spine? Is it a vascular claudication or neurogenic claudicant symptom?  Is it a systemic-related problem due to diabetes, for example, and where is it coming from?


These questions illustrate the complex nature of pain and the need for complex differential thinking of an osteopath.  This shows the importance of consulting with a primary care practitioner, ie a health care practitioner who can assess a patient without any previous input via a medical practitioner, to help diagnose what the problem is and then triage you into the appropriate treatment stream. Whether that be a referral to a peripheral vascular physician, or make a diagnosis and treat it there and then, rather than stalling the progression of your recovery, by calling for blanket tests to rule out erroneous pathologies, wasting valuable time waiting for unnecessary X-rays and even sometimes MRI scans.

What symptoms can we treat?


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