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Back Pain and Sciatica: 

Back pain:  The first thing to say about back pain is that it is complex. The first issue is distinguishing between back pain that is as a result of pathology, for example rheumatoid arthritis or infection, and back pain that is as a result of mechanical dysfunction, for example restriction in movement.   The former we are well trained to identify and refer for further investigation and medical treatment, the latter is effectively treated by osteopathy.  


Another key point is that mechanical back pain that is left untreated, perhaps taking some pain killers and some reassurance that “it will be OK”, will often then produce pathological changes, ie osteo arthritis, in the tissues; this will be more difficult to treat when your back pain inevitably returns.  Spines need to be looked after by their owners; to do this effectively, you need to understand how YOUR spine works.  I believe this is where a knowledgeable, experienced and effective osteopath can be a good place to start.


Sciatica:  Pain in the distribution of the Sciatic nerve. The Sciatic nerve is formed mainly by the L4,5,S1, and 2 nerve roots emerging from the pelvis via the sciatic notch, passing under, over or even through the external rotator group of the femur, the piriformis group, then descending down the  posterior thigh, emerging from the hamstrings into the popliteal fossa (the back of the knee). At this point, the nerve splits into the common peroneal nerve that continues down the lateral calf, and the tibial nerve that follows the tibia bone down to the foot.  Sciatica is that pain felt in the nerve referred to as the Sciatic nerve.

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