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Great Dunmow Osteopathy Clinic 

Angus Hellier BSc (Hons) Ost

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The clinic will be open from Monday 18 May, afternoons - please call 01371 875217 to book an appointment, online booking is NOT currently available

The service we provide to the over 65s is one of gentle encouragement to maintain activity, to improve confidence, reduce fear and anxiety of pain and maintain health. It is very unlikely if you have reached your 70s and 80s you will not have developed a few problems and will need to take care of yourself, but do not let pain be the excuse to do nothing; the evidence is very clear - use it or lose it!


Even very small amounts of regular exercise have profound, positive effects on your systemic, mental and muscular health.


The natural way to health is going to become increasingly appropriate for the growing ageing population; 40% of the population is now 65 years and older, 80% of this group complain bitterly about neck pain, depression and back pain.  All of the above will be eased by increasing activity.  The key to all this is what sort of exercise and how much is good, aligned with good advice about nutrition that is essential to maintain a healthy immune system.

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Forever Young

Fear of falling 

As we age, our systems age, our hearing goes and our eyesight is diminished. This causes our world to shrink. These two systems in particular have crucial roles in balance and posture.  As you are reading this, you may already be using spectacles and/or hearing aids. This technology is  getting better all the time, but there are other things you can do to improve your balance and diminish the fear of falling - we stay upright as a result of the sophisticated relationship between our eyes, ears and somatosensory system, our proprioceptive system (our sense of touch, ie the pressure we feel through our feet, ankles, knees, hips - our whole body).  With advice and exercises to improve balance and posture, it is much easier to keep this somatosensory system in good shape than it is our sight and hearing, so visit us at the Centre by making an appointment and start to free yourself of the fear of falling.

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